Snapchat..the next marketing platform?



If you've never heard of the mobile app 'Snapchat' then you clearly live under a technological rock. Not only does the app itself provide moments of purposeless entertainment for all involved, but it's also been the center of attention for a recent hacking scandal, which saw a large portion of their user database leaked to the general public! (which is another remind to everyone to not send their nudes around)

(Back on topic though) Could 'Snapchat' serve as a new marketing tool? In this ever growing black hole of advertising central that there seems to be no escape from, could 'Snapchat' be an untapped playground; a marketers happy meal toy (that's what it is, isn't it? a toy). For those unfamiliar with the platform to start with, the app gives users the option to record a video (that lasts 10 seconds) or a take a photo (which can last anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds) and send it to select people or add it to their 'story', which people can view it for 24 hours.

People are always complaining that there are too many ads around them and that if they didn't last as long they could probably cope with them (have you seen the amount of people that whine about youtube pre-roll ads). So why not have a self destructing ad or one that people can watch again, and again for a whole 24 hours?

The app does what every marketing company, agency, firm attempts to do every day of the year with their ads that can bore people very quickly; it grabs your attention and leaves you wanting more once it's gone (sort of like getting to the end of the jar of Nutella and questioning why you don't have an endless supply). The premise of marketing a product or service using the app is relatively simple - let’s say you run a cupcake bakery, and you’ve created a new flavour. Snap a photo or record a video of one of your employees or even a customer trying it for the first time. Capture their reaction, but don’t let them announce what the new flavour is (make sure your company name is in the frame, DUH). Once you’ve got it, send it out.

Want to get more people into the store and buying your products or hiring out your service? Offer 'Snap-Discounts' or 'Snap-Comps'; it's the same premise as leveraging your Instagram following to win or buy something, the possibilities are endless and the app can clearly be used for more than just sending embarrassing selfies; there's nothing like the power of social media - it's there, use it to your advantage...or call a company (HINT, HINT..THIS ONE!)