Ray Isaac

Ray Isaac is a talented and rising singer, songwriter and DJ originally from Sydney, Australia but now bases himself in London. Ray asked that CKDA come onboard and help him out with social media integration into the launch of his next album Who I Am which has been getting huge amounts of air time throughout the world and has seen ray being booked for countless festivals across the US.

What we did - March 10 2014 - April 8 2014

  • Social media content management - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Album launch event management
  • Social media content streaming at album launch
  • Social media marketing - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Analytic Reporting
  • Brand development consulting
  • Increased Instagram following by 1000 (previously on ~3500 before being brought on)
  • Increased Twiter following by 1000 (previously on ~22500 before being brought on)