You're charging me how much?!



Let's say you have a business that you're running. Let's say that said business needs a bit of an online presence and a new look (becuase let's face it, the font you decided on back in the 90's is a little out dated). (In true Ghostbusters fashion) Who you gonna call?! The designer you found on the 5th page of Google or one of the ones that popped up on the first page?

You've got some sort of idea of what you want from this new look but then again, you're not exactly the expert on style and really you just want someone who's going to get the job done for you...but at what cost?

It seems that everyone these days wants everything for nothing (or as cheap as they can get it), that's why buying in bulk took off - you get way more for way less, but can you apply the same theory to the vanity of your business? Truth be told, no.

If you want something done quick and cheap, with little to no attention to detail and be treated like another bill in the mail, then by all means, use that company you found on the 5th page of Google. However, if you want someone who's actually going to obsess over the little details then, go with one of the businesses on the first.
Don't take it as a shock though when they're charging you (at a minimum) quadruple the amount of casual a shop assistant an hour (which by the way is $17.86 for a level 1 shop assistant, 20 years and over without any included bonuses). It's not age though that should be a factor in the decision you make to use one of the companies on page 1.

Personally, I think it's the quality of the work that you should be paying for, not the age of the person or their previous job experience in an irrelevant field of work (whether you know it or not). Take into account the work they've completed and then proceed to negotiate a price.

Our economy is driven by deals and bargins, not by getting something for nothing - the economy isn't driven by internships (although I'm sure there are a lot of companies that would love to see that happen and not have to pay their employees their salaries).

If you're thinking of hiring a company or a freelance designer that prides themselves on their work, don't gasp, clutch your pearls like the worlds about to end and you just realised your dog ran away when they give you the quote for their work.